Get Me A Jetter, is a family run business dating back to 2008. You will usually find us in work clothes, but occasionally we do brush up well, especially for a family do. We cover all manner of plumbing and drainage services in a wide area that includes Sheffield, Leeds and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. We don’t charge for callouts so whether it’s an emergency or not we’re the ones to call.

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We completely understand first-hand how important a fully functioning plumbing and drainage system is to you. Tons of washing, daily showers, muddy pets, and a houseful using the loo.

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The evolution of plumbing and drainage over the centuries means today we know you can’t live without it. We appreciate this more than most people! We lived in a house with no inside plumbing or mains drainage at all for six months. We even had to install our own tank and sewerage filtration system.

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We also restored a beautiful yet ramshackle home in the Welsh mountains. We only had a cold-water standpipe outside whilst all the plumbing and drainage was replaced.

Our experience has taught us what it means to you if your Plumbing and Drainage is interrupted and how important it is to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.  That’s why you can rest assured – you are in good hands.


Call Me A Jetter is a plumbing company that understands how important plumbing and drainage is. Call us today on 07710 077833